Adrian Ferrando

I studied Architecture at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Valencia, looking for the balance between technique and aesthetics, while bringing me closer to my passion: design and construction of buildings.

In this way I discovered that one of my hobbies, music, allowed me to see Architecture from other points of view and led me to specialize in acoustics. From this contact with the Department of Applied Physics, I discovered another great world: the bioclimatic building.

I participated in the Solar Decathlon Europe competition (bioclimatic housing competition created by the US Department of Energy) and in the E3 Research Project, building a prototype of zero consumption housing, certified by the prestigious GREEN and LEED eco building protocols.

After my experience in town halls, university departments and companies of technical and urban consultancy I have finally decided to work in building, vocation for which I decided to enter the career of Architecture and in which I want to dedicate all my efforts from this moment.

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Adrián Ferrando Pérez,